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What to Expect at Appointment Time

Experience the convenience of Paws On The Move - Mobile Veterinary Service, where we bring the clinic to your doorstep. Our unique advantage lies in our 21ft vet clinic on wheels, allowing us to provide comprehensive care right at your location.

Our mobile clinic is equipped to perform a range of services, ensuring your pet's well-being. With the ability to conduct physical examinations and simple lab diagnostics onboard, we're committed to offering timely and accurate assessments. Excitingly, we're also gearing up to offer surgical procedures, further expanding our capabilities.

Recognizing the comfort your home provides your pets, we offer the option of working with them in their familiar environment. This flexibility ensures a stress-free experience, allowing us to tailor our approach to your pet's comfort and needs.

Vet Truck - Betty White

Meet "Betty White"

Our Vet truck has been affectionately named Betty White! Just like the beloved actress, our vet truck embodies an unwavering passion for animals and a commitment to their well-being that knows no bounds.

We appreciate your consideration of the following prior to our arrival: 

Make an appointment for each pet you want to be seen.

We are committed to providing each patient with the time and focus they truly deserve. We appreciate that some households have multiple pets requiring attention. To accommodate this, we're more than happy to work with you in advance to schedule appointments for multiple pets. This proactive approach allows us to effectively manage our schedule to allocate appropriate time for each pet.

However, it's important to note that once we've arrived, our commitment to providing thorough care means we won't be able to squeeze in additional pets on the spot. Our priority is maintaining a high standard of care for every patient we see.


Appointments for our multi-pet households

We truly appreciate the joy that multiple pets bring to our lives. To provide the best care possible, we kindly ask for your understanding in managing our focus during appointments.

During each appointment, we request that only one pet is presented for examination at a time. Our aim is to ensure undivided attention and thorough care for each patient. This approach helps us accurately assess your pet's health and well-being.

For the well-being of your other furry friends, we suggest preparing a safe and comfortable space where they can patiently wait. This not only allows us to maintain a focused environment but also ensures the safety and comfort of all the pets involved.


Appointments for our feline friends

As much as we love our feline companions, we understand that their intelligence can sometimes lead to unexpected escapades. To ensure a successful and timely appointment, we kindly request that you take a few precautions for your cat's comfort.

Prior to your appointment, please enclose your cat in a carrier or a confined area, such as a bathroom. Cats have an incredible knack for sensing when they're needed and might decide to engage in a game of hide and seek, favoring the "hiding" part. By providing a secure space, we can make sure your cat's appointment goes smoothly.

In the event that we arrive and encounter difficulty examining your cat due to their whereabouts, whether outside or cleverly tucked under furniture, we may need to consider rescheduling the appointment. Our goal is to provide thorough care, and a calm and contained setting greatly aids this process.



To streamline your experience and ensure a smooth process, we request that payment be made at the time of service. We understand the importance of transparency, and we're here to provide options for your convenience.

If you prefer, we're more than happy to create an estimate for your appointment upon request prior to scheduling. This can help you plan and budget accordingly.

We offer flexible payment methods, including all major credit cards and cash. Additionally, we provide the convenience of utilizing Care Credit and ScratchPay if required. These options are designed to assist you in managing your pet's healthcare costs comfortably.

Make an appointment today!

Call: (907) 841- PAWS

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