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If you'd like to see us do a pop-up clinic or vaccine clinic in a specific area, please shoot us a message with your suggestion! We would love to try to add more locations! 


Pop-up & Vaccine Clinics - Dates and Locations

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What's a Pop-Up Clinic?

A Pop-Up Clinic allows us to provide convenient access to veterinary care for pet owners who may find it challenging to visit a traditional veterinary office. By setting up in a specific location for the day, we can see more patients in that location at a time. At a Pop-Up Clinic we offer the same services as if we came to your house: physical examinations, vaccinations, diagnostic testing, health certificates and nail trimming. We recommend making an appointment for our Pop-Up clinics to ensure your pet is seen. However, if we are able, we will take walk-in appointments as well.

What's a Vaccine Clinic?

Our Vaccine Clinics are a quick and easy way to make sure your pet stays up-to-date on their vaccinations. Please note that vaccine clinics only offer vaccinations and do not provide physical exams or address any illnesses or problems. However, if your furry friend is due for their vaccinations, our Vaccine Clinics are a great option. These clinics are affordable and convenient, so you can ensure your pet stays healthy without breaking the bank. 

May 2024

May 2nd

Pop-Up Clinic

Willow Area Community Center

23557 West Willow Community Center Circle, Willow AK

1pm - 4pm

May 16th

Pop-Up Clinic

Upper Susitna Community & Senior Center

16463 E. Helena Ave, Talkeetna AK

10am - 3pm

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